Tuesday, 17 March 2009

from the drawings talk previous 2 blogs ago , i have created a little book. this book contains childhood photos,letters and drawings from my past . i have made the book so that the photos are random and not in a time line so that it is flicking continuosly from the past and present. i have also used text to show what the photos mean such as 'my first birthday' nad 'spice girls'.

will upload photos soon

i have also created a few posters relating to my life , one based on my childhood -

on the childhood poster there are memories from living on a farm,being happy and young,photos of my 1st birthday and frist pair of shoes. i have made this one more colourful and bright as it is my childhood and happy.

this is the poster of me now at the age of 20....including topics such as music,manchester, 'country girl city life' and art

this is the start of the furture poster, what i would like to be and where i would like to be in the future.... commenting on such thigs such as working hard and playing hard,quit smoking,be happy have a family and kids and be my own boss in the artist business.
this is a random poster that i have made about farward and backwards. the poster is coverd in words that mean farwards and backwards in different ways.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

i am an art student from manchester metropolitan university and i at the moment i am procedding on a project based on my childhood and growing up. as a child i recived patches for swimming and as i would like to keep the origanals for personal purposes i wish to purchase a second lot for my art work.
i have tryed adding ... teddy bear 1 and pool frog 3 to my shopping list and then registering with the website to buy them but every time i click on the link to creat a new account it just goes to the same page.
i hope you can help with this problem
thank you ffion