Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Half year presentation

half year essesment was a 5 minute talk about all the work io have done and how i have researched and developed my work.

i presently think the taljk wemt well as i am a nevous talker but i felt conferdent and happy with the work that i had done to that point...

i had some usefull feed back from john who say that i might be taking that quotes to literly and that i should try so hard to get a fginal out come but just relaxe and let the idea develope them selves and try diferent technique and experiment with the newspapers and vcutting as there are many different techniques to explore with paper cutting.

he also comitted that making the bombs out of bible pages and usimng religion symbols might be a dangerous route to go down and people mighht take offence from it.

but all in all i think it went well

Monday, 19 January 2009

whilst working on the newspaper idea i also worked on developing another quote which is
"we have enough religion to make us hate but not enough to make us love one another"

for this idea i related it to religion and war and how some people blame wars on religion.

so i developed this idea and made some bombs out of bible pages, using photocopys of bible pages and a cooking timer and some wires. i also made some hand granades out of clay with religouys symbols on them form various relgions so that it would show that i was not only basing this idea on one relegion.

Monday, 12 January 2009

from developing my ides in my sketch book i have found some other quote thats i felt i could devolpo a lot with and really go in depth with the quote. one is " life must be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards" by Soren kierkegarard.

for this i thought about having a pile of calanders dating back years and years becuase calenders show peoples plans and how they structure there life and ii thought about carving it to the paper with the quorte on the side of the pile of runing throught the middle of the pile... thinking about this idea i thought that it would be hard to find that may canenders dating back years and yrears so i thought about news papers as they have peoples lifes in and how they are trying to learn form their mistakes and try to make the world better and then the world dose more mistakes which is wrote about in the paper. so i have started collecting newspapers and experimenting carving in to them .

think about having a pile of say about 10 news papers and then carving each word of the quote in to each of the piles and having them along the floor so that the viewer would have to walk past the piles reading the wordsa and then would probbley look back at the piece to see it all as one so the art work would be making the viewer do what the quote is saying.

Monday, 5 January 2009

for w0orking with the sculpur ideas i have developed them and deided to use ceramics and also other sculpture materials. i have researched it to more quotes and developed a few in to ceramic pieces such as

'all science,arts and religion are branches from the smae tree'

i tryed developing my idea from the drawing of the tree below and creative a 3d sturucture out of clay and other various materials.