Tuesday, 13 April 2010

collective vision

collective vision is a group of interactive art students from the MMU that formed together in 2009 and have been making a wide variety of work since, exploring differently ideas and being adventures.

this year collective vision has come together to great an exhibition. the exhibition was set up in the week of april 6 - 11 and was set in the noise lab 42, market street, manchester. collective vision was a collection of about 25 different artist showing a wide variety of works such as paintings,photographs,sculptures,installations and video works each with there own concepts and meanings.

the show went well with the opening night on the 7th open 6 - 8 at the noise lab and the after party at common in the northern quarters. a lot of people turned out at the noise lab to look at the work and get interactive with some of the pieces.along side the art work we had free drink for quests and performances to keep the atmosphere positive and lively.

i was pleased with my work at the show and how it was set up in the show. The piece of work i shows was 'peace and quiet' and 'county with a pinch of city.'

i liked a lot of my other peers works such as the idea of the cookie confessions where people would have alphabet cookies and they would wright out a confession in the cookies and take a polaroid of them .

i also liked the light video looking at light in the city and how it paints over the canvas of the camera. i have done a similar idea to this and i'm very interested in this concept.

alin all the show went well and got some good section said about it in the MEN newspaper.
with my interest with buildings and architecture i have been thinking about making little models of buildings and possibly creating a city landscape. i want to experiment making these models out of salt dough and creating different texturesa and effect. photos will follow when i have made some test pieces.