Thursday, 30 October 2008

Group journal session, mixing with 2nd years to discuss one of the art pieces we saw on the Liverpool trip.
The chosen piece of work was Richard Wilson – ‘Turning the place over’
We had to come up with 10 questions about the piece and discus the answers. I found this session very helpful as it made me look more in-depth in to the piece and made me think of the question that I have asked and what I have learnt from asking these question. From this session i brought away some useful tips on how to analyse a work of art and how to be open minded about the piece and see it from different points of view .I draw a image of the sink from empty to full and thought about taking photos of each stage as more and more dirty plate piling up.
Aims for this week.....
Buy mugs and Wright on them, put them in to different kitchens and hopefully get back some good results.
Think of more ideas and thing about the way I could shoot the photos and how to present them in a film... in order or all mixed up?

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Cavendish mug
Thought more about the mug idea today and though about buying some cheap mugs and writing on them saying something on the lines of ‘please use me, drink me, but first take a photo of where you found my and send it to the email add - ..................................................................... after using me put me in a kitchen for someone else to use... if you brake me still take a photo.’
I will then put one on each floor of Cavendish and hopefully get some interesting photos of where the cup ends up. This may not work so I will keep on in my kitchen and take photos of it myself.
Thinking about the fridge and although I will take photos of the fridge at different times of the day, I was also thinking about taking all the baskets out and then replacing them at different levels, taking photos at them after each change. Then when the photos are put together at fast speed it will hopefully look like music bars that you see on CD players as the music is played.
Putting a box of chocolates and sit there taking a photo every 5 minutes of the basket quickly disappearing. I won’t have to wait that long till there will be an empty box.
Place a piece of paper in the kitchen saying ‘Write 1 word describe this kitchen’.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Went to Liverpool biennial trip with the class, found the work that I saw very interesting and some of it inspiring, some I disliked such as the Queen and country by Steve McQueen. More about this is said in the exhibition section titled Liverpool biennial. I really enjoyed the day and found the work that I saw help me with my project and inspire me for future projects.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Started taking photo’s around Cavendish and my kitchen. Have decided to narrow down the idea to just my kitchen and maybe a little bit of the corridor and my room. Thought about the different objects and events that happen in the kitchen, my room and taking photos of each stage throughout the day.
Examples –
Ash tray – I have started to take test photos each half an hour of the ash tray as it fills up during the night. As I only started this at 5.00pm on a Monday. The night is quite and not many people around to take the ash tray to smoke. But tomorrow and Wednesday are busy nights as people are off on Wednesday I will be taking more images of ash tray and different objects.
Drink – another idea that will be trailed out on a busier night. Take a photo at around 5pm of a pretty empty kitchen and then every half hour as the kitchen fills up with people and drink cans/bottles. As it gets later in the night messier and more cans and then silence as the kitchen goes out. Later on the kitchen comes back and is filled with empty takeout boxes everywhere. ‘Stages out a classic night out’
Fridge - I could take a photo of the fridge in the morning, again at lunch and then one in the evening. From this you will be able to view the difference in food as the food decreases in some of the boxes and increase in other as some people may go shopping in the day
A cup – following around a cup for the day or week, one cup and following it around the kitchen as more people use it and put different drink in to it. See if it every ends up in the sink and gets washed or stayed there forever. This could work with various objects such a fork, plate, pan ect.
Quotes- sitting in my room last night and a person went past saying ‘I have grass growing out of my feet’. I thought it would be interesting to have these quote in somewhere within the video. This would work best if I could recorded the voices but as I don’t know when the people would go past or if it would be interesting/funny so it wouldn’t really work. I might take a recoding in the kitchen and use it as background sound to the video.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Drawn a plan of my floor and all the different rooms and corridors you can enter.
All students have there separate rooms with a sink in each rooms. Most rooms are the same size, pretty small with a smaller than single bed and windows that only open enough to let a lepricorn in. Most people envy the ones with the larger rooms which are just given to you by luck. Some are middle sixe and some are twice as large as the normal small room.Kitchens are more or less that same size except ours seems to be the smalls for some reason. Then there are toilets, showers, bath room, drying rooms and store rooms

Friday, 24 October 2008

Started on my project and thinking of the possible themes I am doing a video with in Cavendish halls. Thinking about that plan and structure of the halls and how it looks like a prison when you first enter the halls on the first day.
Starting off the project in my room and then moving to kitchen and other kitchens.
I did a series of drawings within my room, one of out my window which overviews Cambridge halls (very disliked in these halls as they are the posh ones!) within this drawing you can see the windows that face my halls and one either side the kitchens. Cambridge provide much entertainment for Cavendish when bored as it’s like being ‘big brother’ and making up names and stories about them. One of the building works that is taking directly under our windows (also very disliked as they have woken us up every morning from 8am and then knocks off work about 3pm. They could start later and finish later!). The third drawing is of the sink and cupboard with in my room.