Thursday, 30 October 2008

Group journal session, mixing with 2nd years to discuss one of the art pieces we saw on the Liverpool trip.
The chosen piece of work was Richard Wilson – ‘Turning the place over’
We had to come up with 10 questions about the piece and discus the answers. I found this session very helpful as it made me look more in-depth in to the piece and made me think of the question that I have asked and what I have learnt from asking these question. From this session i brought away some useful tips on how to analyse a work of art and how to be open minded about the piece and see it from different points of view .I draw a image of the sink from empty to full and thought about taking photos of each stage as more and more dirty plate piling up.
Aims for this week.....
Buy mugs and Wright on them, put them in to different kitchens and hopefully get back some good results.
Think of more ideas and thing about the way I could shoot the photos and how to present them in a film... in order or all mixed up?

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