Thursday, 13 November 2008


my first blog

went to liverpool biennial again yesturday so see the art gallerys that i didn't have time to see and found so really inspiring work that can link with my project at the memoment and future projects.

from going to the liverpool biennial and the bloombery new contempories. i saw work by paul westcombe - paper cups. i then thought about my own work and the 'Cav Cup' idea.this inspiried me with the idea of using a paper cup and putting it in random places asking people to right on it and then send it back to me at a certain dayte.i think this would be intesting to see what poeple wright on the cupand think of the cup and if it acctully work. this would be kind of a example of mail art but instead of sending the cupto certain people reliseing the cupin to public which in a way lets more people take part in the project but there is also the problem of it acculty work as these people might be intersted in contributing.

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