Monday, 24 November 2008

working on project and starting to put video together. taken more photos and putting them all in order in a time line. editing the images i don't want and changing the timing of the sections.

first tester of video..

Saturday, 22 November 2008

javan ivey

javan ivey is a animator and director who makes short stop motion films.

he uses technigue called strarastencil

about Javan from website :-

A recent Graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Javan (pronounced "jay-ven") intends to one day put emotions in bottles and sell them at a low low price from the back of a horse drawn carriage. For now, however, he specializes in complex creative solutions to simple problems. He uses his ever growing toolbox in an effort to mix mediums and techniques in new and unexpected ways in order to further the idea of animation as an artform.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

emailed 'blu' stop motion guy as i can't seem to find any info about the artist so emailed asking for some backgroud/ history information .

emial :

i'm art student at manchester met uni and i'm doing a stop motion photo on my halls where i live . i found your art online and i'm really intersted in the way you work and and styles of drawings you use. i have been trying to fine more information about you but can't so just wondering if you could give me some back ground info or if there is a site that i havn't found yet

thank you ffi xx

found the lecture on the 14/11/08 intersting. about analisying things and not seeing things just how they are.

'we never know anything until we forget it's name'

you can come up with so many uses just for one object. rather than using it for just it's organal porpos you can be more inventive and using it for creative ideas.
take a light bulb, organal perpos - lighting up dark areas. now used to light up anything. xmas decorations,artifistio light art and my more uses.

video - Animation short by Raimund Krumme from 1987 which won an Annecy award. A conflict between two figures, using a line, a square and visual tricks. Also titled as "Seiltanzer" or "Equilibristes
showing how much you can do with only a square and a line

example we did in lecture uses for a pencil.... came up with over 50 uses and bet the preveous years.........examples




made in to dimonds



ear plugs


really interesting book mentioned - home-made by Susan .b. Glasser

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

the fridge

for a section of the Cav video i want to incluce a part where the frigde does a little animation. inside the frigde there are seperate cage baskets where people can put their food in and then use a pad lock to lock it . these baskets are removerble so i removed them on by one whilst taking images and then creat pattens with the baskets. I will put these images in to a final cut pro time line and speed them up so that it becames a stop motion video and maybe look like music bars on a CD player screen.

Thursday, 13 November 2008


my first blog

went to liverpool biennial again yesturday so see the art gallerys that i didn't have time to see and found so really inspiring work that can link with my project at the memoment and future projects.

from going to the liverpool biennial and the bloombery new contempories. i saw work by paul westcombe - paper cups. i then thought about my own work and the 'Cav Cup' idea.this inspiried me with the idea of using a paper cup and putting it in random places asking people to right on it and then send it back to me at a certain dayte.i think this would be intesting to see what poeple wright on the cupand think of the cup and if it acctully work. this would be kind of a example of mail art but instead of sending the cupto certain people reliseing the cupin to public which in a way lets more people take part in the project but there is also the problem of it acculty work as these people might be intersted in contributing.