Monday, 22 February 2010

david waters

david waters is a freelance illistrator based in moscow, who is currently in his senior year with the university of idaho studying graphics design.

Monday, 15 February 2010

web links for light painting ideas

britsh gas tv advert


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Danny cawley documentry
i have been given volunteering work in the cube which i am really happy with as it will help with my networking part of my course and will also allow me to gain some experience about the way galleries work.i start there next thursday and have put my name down for a few other days aswell.

this weekend i am going home to look after the cats while my perants go away which goves me a brilliant opotunity to work on my light painting project as i will have big open spaces and alot of spare time just to mess around and experiment with different ideas and effect. i hope to creat so effective photos and possinly make some short animations using light and see how they turn out. i have also been thinging about using objects with in the animations and then adding features to the objects such as a cup and adding arms to it to make the cup come to life and also other object could work in the same way ..

i have been thinging of making an animation of what happens in your house at night when your alseep and then having all the house hold object coming to live and moving around the place but with light as hands. i hope to just go crazy and see what i can make out of the result i get. but well see how it works out and i'll let you know

Monday, 8 February 2010

Peter Freeman

peter freeman creates light sculpture in public places,using light as a powerful source to interchange and create a new and uplifting feeling to the building and it's surroundings.

peter made his first light sculpture while studding fine art in Bristol in the 1970s. while taking a gap year he travailed to Los Angles where i was inspired my the use of light and after returning to the UK he took it up upon himself to learn more about the use of light.He learnt about the craft of neon lighting and took a class for 2 year based on neon glass blowing before opening his own lighting studio in London in 1983.Since then he has continue to light up the skylines of the UK and occasionally Europe, creating light sculptures, architectural lighting installations and gallery installations using a wide variety of light forms including neon, led, floodlights, and fibre-optics.

i really like the idea of using light in art as it seems to bring the work to life and add a different aspect to the work backing it stand out of the crowd and show every one that it is there. i have become really interested in the use of light painting with in photography but also find the other methods of using light forms interesting as peter freeman has shown in is work . i like the idea of using light to renew a structure that is already there and making people view it in a different way making the public appreciate their surrounding again.i would like to learn more about light sculture and the use behinde it.
from my research on light art artist have been using light as a source of material for many years either using the image of light to be captured in a photograph or using light structure them selfs in installations and sculptures.

examples of some light artist are Dan Flavin, Olafur Eliasson,[2] James Turrell, Waltraut Cooper, Aleksandra Stratimirovi─Ź, Austine Wood Comarow and many others.

the first sight of light art was founded in stain glass windows where the glass would be used to colour transmit light. this can be found going back as far as the 4th century in Church's and mosques.

another aspect of this subject has been used in shadow puppetry where the artist would use the light to cast a shadow. early forms of this have been described by Plato in the Allegory of the cave in the early as 380 BC.

every art piece uses light in some form, and all artist should take light in to consideration when producing work . light have become a very important feature in photography and moving images and also became a practice in the art world in itself.

LED art - the use of LED lights to create installations and sculptures has become very popular as LED are very cheap and an easy way of creating a new vibrant art piece.LED artist are usually guerilla artists also known as street artist who have been known to produce temporary pieces using LEDs in public places.

Pablo Picasso the founder of Cubist movement and one of the greatest artists of the 20th century experimented with light painting also known as light graffity.
the works undernieth show how he created his art with the use of light on to a photograph canvas.

light painting

i have recently been looking in to light paint and life painting animation. light painting is where you set a SLR digital or film camera to a slow shutter speed and then with a light such as a torch you draw a image in a blacked out room so that the image it picked up by the camera. these are some experimenst that i have tried. nothing to aventures just simple idea to get the hang of the technique.

i have also been looking in to light paint animation which is like stop motion where you take a lot of photos that are slightly different to make the image with in the frame move. i have done some basic ones of this such as enlarging squars and circle. i'm finding it queit hard to draw in this way as you can't see the lines that you have created so there it alot of concentration involed and also having conferdance to make a line that you think it correct but will not know till the shot is over.

i hope to loan out a camera from the AV store over this weekend and work on this idea making short animation and the extend with the detail and try more advanced animation. but well see how this works and how far i get with it.

while experimenting with the light painting i also started to experiment with the eqiment i was using. i placed quality street sweet wrappers over the torch lights to make the light different colours as you can see in one of the photos above and i was queit pleased with the out come. i have also brouhg some glow sticks of different colous and when i get a camers i will experiment with them and see what type of effect they have on the images.
recently i have been concentrating in getting placement in an art based area to improve on my networking and also help me with the course. with this experiance i hope to gain more of an insight to the art world and how galleries are run.

i have applayed for the Cube gallery and the Noise lab which both seem quiet positive but i'm still going through the stage of applying and transfering infromation from on to the other.

i have sent a CV to the cube gallery who have emailed back about the voleteering work and i haveto send back more infromation and then hopfully i will be on their datebase to start soon.

i have been placed on the volerteing database for the noise lab and have recieved an email for all volerters to attened a nmeeting where they will show videos and works of how they got to the place they are today and also give out dates for people to work this will take place on wednesday 10th from 12.30 to 2.30. i am llooking forward to this and hope that somthing will come out of it. As a class we are hoping to set our end of year exibition at the noise lab and it should be good if i am able to get some work there which will help me learn all the project and the place.

i have also apply for more information about some voleterring work that i have found on the Commmu site as part of the uni and i am still waiting for them to get back to me which i will recontact if i don't hear anything after this week .

so hopefully i will have some placements yet to come and will get myself networking in no time.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Kumi Yamashita
June 10, 2008, 6:16 pm
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Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita creates visually arresting installation pieces through shadow play. In this piece, 3D numbers are arranged on a wall so that they cast shadows, which combined, create the illusion of a woman’s body.