Monday, 8 February 2010

light painting

i have recently been looking in to light paint and life painting animation. light painting is where you set a SLR digital or film camera to a slow shutter speed and then with a light such as a torch you draw a image in a blacked out room so that the image it picked up by the camera. these are some experimenst that i have tried. nothing to aventures just simple idea to get the hang of the technique.

i have also been looking in to light paint animation which is like stop motion where you take a lot of photos that are slightly different to make the image with in the frame move. i have done some basic ones of this such as enlarging squars and circle. i'm finding it queit hard to draw in this way as you can't see the lines that you have created so there it alot of concentration involed and also having conferdance to make a line that you think it correct but will not know till the shot is over.

i hope to loan out a camera from the AV store over this weekend and work on this idea making short animation and the extend with the detail and try more advanced animation. but well see how this works and how far i get with it.

while experimenting with the light painting i also started to experiment with the eqiment i was using. i placed quality street sweet wrappers over the torch lights to make the light different colours as you can see in one of the photos above and i was queit pleased with the out come. i have also brouhg some glow sticks of different colous and when i get a camers i will experiment with them and see what type of effect they have on the images.

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