Wednesday, 10 February 2010

i have been given volunteering work in the cube which i am really happy with as it will help with my networking part of my course and will also allow me to gain some experience about the way galleries work.i start there next thursday and have put my name down for a few other days aswell.

this weekend i am going home to look after the cats while my perants go away which goves me a brilliant opotunity to work on my light painting project as i will have big open spaces and alot of spare time just to mess around and experiment with different ideas and effect. i hope to creat so effective photos and possinly make some short animations using light and see how they turn out. i have also been thinging about using objects with in the animations and then adding features to the objects such as a cup and adding arms to it to make the cup come to life and also other object could work in the same way ..

i have been thinging of making an animation of what happens in your house at night when your alseep and then having all the house hold object coming to live and moving around the place but with light as hands. i hope to just go crazy and see what i can make out of the result i get. but well see how it works out and i'll let you know

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