Monday, 8 February 2010

recently i have been concentrating in getting placement in an art based area to improve on my networking and also help me with the course. with this experiance i hope to gain more of an insight to the art world and how galleries are run.

i have applayed for the Cube gallery and the Noise lab which both seem quiet positive but i'm still going through the stage of applying and transfering infromation from on to the other.

i have sent a CV to the cube gallery who have emailed back about the voleteering work and i haveto send back more infromation and then hopfully i will be on their datebase to start soon.

i have been placed on the volerteing database for the noise lab and have recieved an email for all volerters to attened a nmeeting where they will show videos and works of how they got to the place they are today and also give out dates for people to work this will take place on wednesday 10th from 12.30 to 2.30. i am llooking forward to this and hope that somthing will come out of it. As a class we are hoping to set our end of year exibition at the noise lab and it should be good if i am able to get some work there which will help me learn all the project and the place.

i have also apply for more information about some voleterring work that i have found on the Commmu site as part of the uni and i am still waiting for them to get back to me which i will recontact if i don't hear anything after this week .

so hopefully i will have some placements yet to come and will get myself networking in no time.

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