Monday, 8 February 2010

Peter Freeman

peter freeman creates light sculpture in public places,using light as a powerful source to interchange and create a new and uplifting feeling to the building and it's surroundings.

peter made his first light sculpture while studding fine art in Bristol in the 1970s. while taking a gap year he travailed to Los Angles where i was inspired my the use of light and after returning to the UK he took it up upon himself to learn more about the use of light.He learnt about the craft of neon lighting and took a class for 2 year based on neon glass blowing before opening his own lighting studio in London in 1983.Since then he has continue to light up the skylines of the UK and occasionally Europe, creating light sculptures, architectural lighting installations and gallery installations using a wide variety of light forms including neon, led, floodlights, and fibre-optics.

i really like the idea of using light in art as it seems to bring the work to life and add a different aspect to the work backing it stand out of the crowd and show every one that it is there. i have become really interested in the use of light painting with in photography but also find the other methods of using light forms interesting as peter freeman has shown in is work . i like the idea of using light to renew a structure that is already there and making people view it in a different way making the public appreciate their surrounding again.i would like to learn more about light sculture and the use behinde it.

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