Thursday, 29 October 2009

week 4

this week i have been concentrating on my research and trying to find old images of the curry mile.. i found it really hard to find images tat i wanted as there doesn't seem to be many but i did find a really helpful book called 'looking back at fellowfield and rusholme' by peter Helm and Gay Sussex. this book had a few images of intrest to me and also a description of where,when and whats there now.
i have photocopyed these images and also took similar photos of what the images look like today down the mile.

i hope to include these images in my film and possibly animation the older ones using night highlighting colours to make the photos neon and colourful like the road is today.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


this week i have concerntrated on reseraching in to the curry mile focasing on the history of the mile, halal meat and also a bit in to curry it's self.

i'v found it interesting reading up about how the mile became the curry mile and about the businesses that are there now.also how the culture of whimslow road has changed over years.

this week i have lent a camera from the AV store and i videoed me making a curry. from chopping upo the veg to cooking it altogether in a pan.
while filming me cooking i experimanted with different view pionts and angel just to get use to a camera again and how it works.
i might include some of the images with in my film showing how i make my curry which will seem prity basic compared to the curries you have down curry mile done by award winning chefs. possible at the end of this project i might record my self making a curry and using the nollage of what i've learnt from making the film i might be more experimental with my currys adding more spices and herbs.

this week i think i will containue to work on my researching.looking in to more about curry and the curry mile.
i will also experiment more with filming down the curry mile and seeing what kind of evedence i pick up on the way.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

week 2

end of week two and have been inspired about he project.

tuesdays meeting with jon was helpful.

started off with a piece of bread each and had to close our eyes as we think and listen to him talking about the bread the history and life the bread has gone through to be infrout of us now and how the seed is not alive but becomes alive as it is indroduced to water and warth. i found this queit intresting and made me think about the food we have around use and the thinks that we take for granded.

food is anything.
group work.. we were put in to groups and asked what food means to use.

our group desided on home grown food as we all find it homly and fresher than brought food and listed the advantages of home grown foods.

know where it's from,whats in it, feeling proud of what you have grown,seasonly effective,growing and eating in the right time, effctly better for the world although effect 3rd world exports.heathly exercise,educational. transport friendly,repersents nururing,only eating what you grow,package friendly,imperfections welcome,swap schemes,community base,incourages cooking,respect for the enviroment.

and we desided that it is important where you buy your food from where it is stored and how the animals are treated and killed.

although this is not always easy when you are a student and usally fair trade/organig food are more expensive.

we went on to talk about the relationship with food that we have such as :

metabolism difference,effect moods, food used as a treat,bribe or reward
family sitting down at a table together,celebrations, eating out at a resturants,
as a way of wellcoming some one to your home,
emotionally - comfort eating - eating disorders
cooking carming

Saturday, 3 October 2009

start of year 2

the first year is over and the 2nd year has just begun.

week 1

had a meeting on tuesday to welcome us all back and introduce us to some new people.

jon explained about the next year and what plans are taking place,including networking and project work.
for this year we have been given a theme for the 1st and 2nd term which for the 1st term it is 'food' and the 2nd 'site'

since the metting i have been researching in to artist that have worked on food and also taked to people that have worked on food such as my friend's friend did a project on meat and made a dress out of meat. throught the course she planed and designed the piece and in the last week made the dress so that it would not go off. this idea was the thought behind being veggie.

on thursday we were asked to keep a diary of the food and drink that we consume from now until tuesday and bring it to the meeting. i have been keeping a wrighten diary and i might proced with this task through out the couse as consupution to my project and just a personal diary to see how i eat and how i could improve my diet.

for the next week i need to reseach more on food and artist that have worked around the theme of food.