Sunday, 18 October 2009


this week i have concerntrated on reseraching in to the curry mile focasing on the history of the mile, halal meat and also a bit in to curry it's self.

i'v found it interesting reading up about how the mile became the curry mile and about the businesses that are there now.also how the culture of whimslow road has changed over years.

this week i have lent a camera from the AV store and i videoed me making a curry. from chopping upo the veg to cooking it altogether in a pan.
while filming me cooking i experimanted with different view pionts and angel just to get use to a camera again and how it works.
i might include some of the images with in my film showing how i make my curry which will seem prity basic compared to the curries you have down curry mile done by award winning chefs. possible at the end of this project i might record my self making a curry and using the nollage of what i've learnt from making the film i might be more experimental with my currys adding more spices and herbs.

this week i think i will containue to work on my researching.looking in to more about curry and the curry mile.
i will also experiment more with filming down the curry mile and seeing what kind of evedence i pick up on the way.

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