Tuesday, 13 October 2009

week 2

end of week two and have been inspired about he project.

tuesdays meeting with jon was helpful.

started off with a piece of bread each and had to close our eyes as we think and listen to him talking about the bread the history and life the bread has gone through to be infrout of us now and how the seed is not alive but becomes alive as it is indroduced to water and warth. i found this queit intresting and made me think about the food we have around use and the thinks that we take for granded.

food is anything.
group work.. we were put in to groups and asked what food means to use.

our group desided on home grown food as we all find it homly and fresher than brought food and listed the advantages of home grown foods.

know where it's from,whats in it, feeling proud of what you have grown,seasonly effective,growing and eating in the right time, effctly better for the world although effect 3rd world exports.heathly exercise,educational. transport friendly,repersents nururing,only eating what you grow,package friendly,imperfections welcome,swap schemes,community base,incourages cooking,respect for the enviroment.

and we desided that it is important where you buy your food from where it is stored and how the animals are treated and killed.

although this is not always easy when you are a student and usally fair trade/organig food are more expensive.

we went on to talk about the relationship with food that we have such as :

metabolism difference,effect moods, food used as a treat,bribe or reward
family sitting down at a table together,celebrations, eating out at a resturants,
as a way of wellcoming some one to your home,
emotionally - comfort eating - eating disorders
cooking carming

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