Saturday, 3 October 2009

start of year 2

the first year is over and the 2nd year has just begun.

week 1

had a meeting on tuesday to welcome us all back and introduce us to some new people.

jon explained about the next year and what plans are taking place,including networking and project work.
for this year we have been given a theme for the 1st and 2nd term which for the 1st term it is 'food' and the 2nd 'site'

since the metting i have been researching in to artist that have worked on food and also taked to people that have worked on food such as my friend's friend did a project on meat and made a dress out of meat. throught the course she planed and designed the piece and in the last week made the dress so that it would not go off. this idea was the thought behind being veggie.

on thursday we were asked to keep a diary of the food and drink that we consume from now until tuesday and bring it to the meeting. i have been keeping a wrighten diary and i might proced with this task through out the couse as consupution to my project and just a personal diary to see how i eat and how i could improve my diet.

for the next week i need to reseach more on food and artist that have worked around the theme of food.

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