Monday, 27 September 2010

hello. haven't wrote in this for ages but time for a new blog for the new year. third year.

so i plan to carry on with the city landscape idea and my urban surroundings manchester.i want to carry on experimenting with light, specially the light from flats and city structure making them move. light painting.

i have started to research in to my HHC 3 Essay which is based on advertisement v graffiti why one from of art is allowed to invade pubic areas and one is not and how damaging or beneficial both are with in our society. i have researched in to different ad campaigns some that are beneficial and show so achievement in making people feel better within themselves such as the 'real beauty' campaign done by DOVE yet other advertisements have had harmful affects on society and given out he wrong impression to venerable people such as the D&G adverts portraying a group of men standing around a woman that is being forced to the ground by one of the men in a sexual manna. Soa Paule city has banned all outside advertisements and have shown some positive results by doing so. Banksy and invader are two of the main graffiti artist that i have looked at since Banksy is the most famous street artist and is well known for his controversial images yet invader shows his work in more of a playful way and acts on taking back the public space for the public. with in a male dominated art form i have also included Lady pink and researched in to swoons art.

so as that is all going on and i am tryingto get in to my art again after a lil break .. so will fill you in more when i have done more. xx