Friday, 24 October 2008

Started on my project and thinking of the possible themes I am doing a video with in Cavendish halls. Thinking about that plan and structure of the halls and how it looks like a prison when you first enter the halls on the first day.
Starting off the project in my room and then moving to kitchen and other kitchens.
I did a series of drawings within my room, one of out my window which overviews Cambridge halls (very disliked in these halls as they are the posh ones!) within this drawing you can see the windows that face my halls and one either side the kitchens. Cambridge provide much entertainment for Cavendish when bored as it’s like being ‘big brother’ and making up names and stories about them. One of the building works that is taking directly under our windows (also very disliked as they have woken us up every morning from 8am and then knocks off work about 3pm. They could start later and finish later!). The third drawing is of the sink and cupboard with in my room.

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