Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Half year presentation

half year essesment was a 5 minute talk about all the work io have done and how i have researched and developed my work.

i presently think the taljk wemt well as i am a nevous talker but i felt conferdent and happy with the work that i had done to that point...

i had some usefull feed back from john who say that i might be taking that quotes to literly and that i should try so hard to get a fginal out come but just relaxe and let the idea develope them selves and try diferent technique and experiment with the newspapers and vcutting as there are many different techniques to explore with paper cutting.

he also comitted that making the bombs out of bible pages and usimng religion symbols might be a dangerous route to go down and people mighht take offence from it.

but all in all i think it went well

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