Tuesday, 3 February 2009

feed back from half year review

had a tutorial today with hazel where she went throught my work and and my journal and also the feed back that i had from the tutors and peers at the presentation.

the feed back from the journal .....

over all good work
lost of research in the source list section.. but should make a like form some of the artist to my own projects.
could contextual studies.

and committed that i need to do more work on my projects because with out that i can't really add to my journal cos it all feeds each other. so generally need to do more work.

feed back on project work ....
need to do more development and experiment more. let my self relaxe and try things out rather than trying to find a out come straight away. researtch in to paper cutters and paper sculptures such as david Mach and also john heartfield.

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