Thursday, 19 February 2009

folling the phlosophy project i have developed on the living farwards but understanding the past quotes.
i develoed the idea of carving in to newpapers and cuttting out arrows from newspapers. i thought about having a time line of my life with child hood photos of myself growing up.
i am now thinking of making an animation of my time line with arrows and other symbols that say 'forwards' and 'backwards' such as traficlights and road sighs. the animation will show the aroows and my childhood photos,birthcirtificates and other mile stones in my life.
i might also include text such as my birth date and frases such as 'my 1st shoes' and having a close up of my shows and then zooming out to the whole photo.

what i need to do now is to develope ideas for my animation and different ways i can show the arrows and shape the photos in to the animation.

i have also started to draw some innatations that relate to the animation like the examples below whcih i might make in to a book.

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