Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

went to the cinima to see ' the curious case of benjamin button' that has been adapted from the 1920 story by F.scott fitzgerald.

a film about a baby born in his ages and ages backwards. his mother died during child birth and his farther was so scared and horrified by the look of the wricked aged baby that he left him at the steps of a old poeples homes for them to look after him.
the doctor at the house discrpeds the baby as having the simtoms of an 80 year old with atheritas and only gave the baby a few days to live. as the day went on the baby became more storng and started to look younger with each day of growing older.when the young boy was only 7 he has little hair and walked with a walking stick but still had the playful mind of an child. as the years past and benjamin got older/youngs he gets a job, falls in love, goes to war and has a child.At the end of the film you see benjamin as a 5 year old little lad with dimenta and he can't remeber anything of his life or who he is and everyone around the end he is a baby and then he closes his eyes and dies.

opinion of film..

this story is quite a sad story as he is groing younger and seeing everyone around him die and as he didn't want his wife to have to look after their child and him as he gets younger he goes away and has to miss his doughter growing up. i found that the film was to long and at parts i became unintersted in it. also as i knew what was going to hapopen it became a bit to predictible as if i new what was coming next as he gets younger.i also found that there was no real action or exitment to keep your attention it just flowed through the film at a carm peace

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