Wednesday, 17 March 2010

havn't up dated this in a while so i will fill you in whith whati have been up to .. i have been working in the cube on average 2 days a week and have been enjoying spending time in the gallery and meeting new people and also getting out and defeloping my socail skills and becoming more conferdance in the work place.

on my practice i have been carring on with the light art idea and making short animations.
i attened the cross year crit with the 1st and 3rd years where i went through the work that i have been doing and the ideas that i have and i had some usful infomation back such as artist sucesions and the fact that i need to have a concept to my work to help my work have a structure and so i know where i am going with the project instead of just being experimental but all in all i think they liked the work that i have produced.

taking the advise from the cros crit i went back to the drawing bought and though about the things that really intrest me. i thought about a few topics and then started to develope them and try and find a way of how the work i have already produce would fit in with the concept ..

a few of my interest are arcurteture, counry side and city life and also animals and the circus.

i started thinking about the country side and the city life and how they are different but i love them both.thinking along with my light art this concept relates to it as in the city is bright light,clourful,fast and busy and the country side is quiet and calm and more white light.

i have made a short film with sites from the city and sites from the counrty side and edited them together using a multiscreen effect so that you see a clip from the city and a clip from the counrty on the same screen. the ideas that i have used are such as the calan in manchester and the river dee in north wales. where you can see like the stillness of a city canal compared to the running water in north wales.other ideas i have used are the landscape of the city building compared to the landscape of mountians in wales.

i have also been make some short stop motion animation of buildings and the countryside and also farm aniamls such as pigs and cows and then i hope to layer them over the city films so it's like bringing the counrty to the city and it's an idea of making myself more homly and feel free. i think i am getting in to this idea more as it is relating to myslef and the feelings in have to the places where i live.

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