Thursday, 13 May 2010

since my last blog i have been working very hard to omplete the 5 minute dvd that is based on our work./ this dvd is like a p[rofile of our experiances of the year - what we have done, what we have learnt and what we plan to do in the furture. i enjoyed maki9ng this dvd as it made me look back at the year and think what i have done and evaluate how my year has been.

i think i have done more work than i had thought but yet sill maybe no enough to show for a whole year i think this has been don't to not rteal;ly being moptervated on my wortk and not have the excitment for the work or the course that i was always thinking over the whether i wanted to keep on with the course as i didn't feel like i was getting anywere on the course. as i only had 1 and a half years to go i decided to keep goping and i think this has paid off.

through outr the year i have been jumping from one idea to the other and not really basing my work on one idea. this makes the work lack a concept and not have any real direction or struture making me enjopy the work that i was doing but i would alway hit a wall and never carry on with the idea but instead more on. i have now got more of an idea of what i want to base my ideas on and will stick with this idea to develope my creative sklills and ideas.

follow on from the dvd. we have had the 2nd year end of year assements. for this i lengthend the 5 minute dvd in to a 15 minute dvd and showed it with in the presentation. i thjink this went well as i was able to time my video so it would run to the correct time and so that i knew i would say everythink i want to say about my work instead of forgetting it while talking infront of people.

as i don't attend alot of meetings people don't really get to see how much work i do or what i am working on so iu think people were supprised to see the work and see how my ideas and myself have developed since the half year review where there was none real structure to my work and now finished produce.

so in conclution to this year i think i have worked well to find more about my self and how i want to work and i think this has been the bioggest think for me as i now feel i will be able to develope my ideas more and work harder making more work.

so an OK year

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