Tuesday, 19 May 2009


time is the name of the 3 week project given to our class for an end of year project .

create a proformance/video/sturcture last last 3 minutes based on time ....

following this theme i did research in to

1) objects of time. how we measure time ??
using objects such as .... sun diles,egg timers,hours glasses,clockes,stop watches
units of time , secondes,minutes hours day weeks years decades.

2) linking to my quotes theme in my main prject this year i've looked at quotes about time for example -

time flies
time of war
hard times
time spent with a cat is never wasted
time is a illions ect ect


this research mafde me thing of numorous ideas on how to creat yime in to a 3 minute video.

such as finding all the clocks in manchester and taking short 10 sec videos of each one ticking away. looking at the different shapes,sizes and colour clocks there are in manchester.

creating a human hour glass. - drawing the hour glass on the floor with chork and video from above getting about 50 people to move for form one side of the hour glass to the other like sand moving from the top to the bottom of the hour glass.

also thought about making a human sundile and mixing that with varous different ways of telling the time. taking snap images and placing them all together in a sequance.

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