Thursday, 21 May 2009


comletted the filming of time and i'm happy on how it's all coming together. walking around manchester looking for interesting spots to films is quiet interesting as you spot things and places that you wouldn't usally notice just walking by. found some intresting places to film and now i just need to edit the film in the studio and copy on to disk.

thinking about work experiance for the 2nd year i emails PES to ask if they wo9uld have me for a placement and i got a reply of there not sure what their scetual is at that time but they will keep me in mind and if they are doing anything at that time they would be happy to have me and also asked for link to my profolio so at the moment i'm trying tpo sent up a lil web page of all my videos.

also found other people to email which i will do tonight and hopfully get a reply soon ....

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