Monday, 11 January 2010

i have been thinking about the blue-tack compertition and have a view ideas to try ot of how to make a film..

i have though of one idea where i film my self putting up photos of my family and friends and the as the photos are put up the come to live replacing the photos with videos of my family/friends/pets as a way of showing that blu-tacking your photos up brings them to life and makes you enjoy the memories.sounds better n my head i thnk.

also thinking about making a stop motion animation with the blu-tack but will have think more about that and a story line i would make with the blue-tack ..

i am thinkin of making a mind map to expained my ideas and make me think more deeply in to the project as the closing day is quite far away i should have time to try and make sme thing of a high quality

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