Saturday, 30 January 2010

i have been working on 3 project at the mo..

still working on the curry mile film and trying to think of some new idea to put in the film.

as the first edit didn't really work as well as i had hoped i am going to go back to the drawing board and rethink some of the idea. in the first year i became to love the effect of stop motion animation and i have thought about putting this in to my own curry mile film.. i have already done this with colouring in the curry mile. where i got old photos of the wilmslow road and in stop motion coloured them in highlighters and slowly brightened you and neonfied the black and white photos.
i have started to produce some more stop motion taking photos of the curry mile and then animating then cutting then up and then the slice of photo turn in to ingredients for curry such as carrots.

along with the live action of the curry mile i think i might rething this and i have been walking down and up the mile thinking about the film and how i will film it. when i am able to get a camera i am going to walk down and up curry mile at day and at night taking photos as a walk so that it capture what i view and how i see the road when i walk down it. so I'm going to try this idea and see where it gets me and hopefully in inspires me to other idea for the film..

i have been working on another project as well based on identity and surveillance. the idea that we are always being watvched with what every we do and how we live our lives. from little things like receipts to larger things like cameras,ID cards and fingerprints. when i think about the ID card shceme that could be coming in sooner than we thing i see it as a little bit of me that the government will be taking away and holding personal information that is mine and storing it in a data system will millions of other people taken a personal thing from me and just through along with billions of ether people that i don't know and how this data could be played with by the wrong people.
with this project i have been collecting my receipts,including bus tickets etc. i have made some masks out of mod rock as a way of handing your identity from the people and how the government See us now as just numbers in society and not as individual people.i have also been thinking about making a instalation of a crime lab scene and collect poeple details like finger prints,reicieps and other information and making it like we are always under inverstigation and under the eye.

a taking tin.. i have been thinging about making a talking tin such as the tin taks about it's life of being a lable and compares it self to humans and how they are turning in to lable in the world. just a rambling tin can and a little bit of fun.

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