Sunday, 28 December 2008

for the 15th mondays meeting with m.j. howard i have read through many quotes that i have found by various philophers and i have started coming up with ideas to repersent these quotes by using objects or drawing animations.

i have three different ideas at the moment of what to produce


  1. a animated short film about the quotes. not really any structure of a story line but various animation sections that shows the quotes in a visual why.
  2. to produce a video of photographs, taking each word of the quote and using a object to show that word such as a photo of a tree to represent the word tree, and also thinking about the more obscene words in more depth to show them in a more unusal ways. i will also have a narrators voice over the video saying the quotes.
  3. produce several photography images. black and white photography to visually represent the quotes.

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