Tuesday, 30 December 2008

philosophy project

from working on my idea in my sketch book i have gone from the idea of making an animation or to making several models for each quote.i did this as i have been working on making an animation i don't feel that i am getting anywhere and i can't seem to feel inspired enough and think of ideas to make up an story for this animation out of these quote. with my new idea i feel more confident and inspired to work.

i came up with this idea while i was making a background to my tree image and making it 3D . I used a glass to mix together the sand and paint for the grass base and then came up with the idea of making little models inside the glass glasses.

initial ideas ;

quote : all religions,art and sciences are branches of the same tree. [Albert Einstein]

a glass with a test tube inside for the trunk of the tree representing science, paint brushes for the branches to represent art and bible pages hanging off the breaches to represent religion. or religious symbols. depending on which one works the best.

quote : A confession has to be part of your new year [ Wittgenstein]

a smashed glass bleeding out 'happy new year' confetti . the smashed glass representing the confession and the confetti celebrating the beginning of a new year.

I'm going to find out how to pint on glass and either have some kind of text on the glass either the quote or text representing a section of the quote. which ever fits better with that indualvidual model.

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