Monday, 15 December 2008


monday meeting today was taken by michel Howed. M.J.Howard.

he talked about a trip that we will be taking in march where we go to the moores of glossip and walk around that same places that philopher Wittgenstein walked around when inventing his flying machine.

there we fly kites and other flying objects that are wind powered to fly.after we atten a event in a pub where we listen to poems,music and watch animation that poeple have produces about philosphy and wittgenstein.

howard talked about wittgensteins life and creations and that at first he thought philphy was wrong and pointless as he said the quote ' the world is everything that is the case'. meaning that this is the world, what you see is the case and that we should get on with life and not try to understand it anymore than it is.
he then went on about his belives and philosophy and the books that he wrote.

i found all this very intersting and it inspired me to invole philosphy and quote said by them in to my own work and creat a animation of some sort to do with the quotes.

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