Tuesday, 2 December 2008

had tutorial with hazel today to show my work to he.

positive feed back to the cav cup idea but would look more professional and creative if i printed the text on from a professional outlet for example 'Tescos'

price £6.82
thinking of more ideas about the video such as an animation on the sink filling up with washing and then being washed again,taps flowing.
taking a photo of each persons book cases... could be a video on it's own viewing the fact that every one has the same lay out in there rooms but use it in different way.. some people use a book case for books. some using it for teddy's and things such as alcohole,Cd's,DVDs,teddy's,photos and so forth.
Althogether i'm happy with the project and i need to complete the following before next week
photos of washing up riseing and falling
photos of peoples book cases
possibly .... photos of people sinks

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