Monday, 2 November 2009

lectures 5

i found this week lectures particalar intresting and saw that i could use some of the techniques that the film makers hade used in my 'food' themed project.

len lye - colour box - 1936

this one stood out most as it the use of colour and movenment that caught my eye.
the way that he had uysed live action and added bright colours to add an effect and movement.
think about my own pratice i thought of a way to use animation in my film and tried some experimenting with old photos of curry mile that i found in a book 'looking back and fellowfield and rushomle'. and the taking it in to the animation room where i can use stop motion to over lay the photos with bright colours making them more like what the curry mile is today which is all neon lights and very bright.

i did this today in the animation room and i think it worked out quite well as a little section to go in to my finished film. working with the old photographs, using green,pink,yellow and blue highlighters i coloured in the photos step by step taking a shot after each move so that i could capture the image being coloured in to neon style.

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