Monday, 2 November 2009


over the weekend i went to a music concert to see pink in birmingham on halloween

the show was amazing and she certainly put on a goopd proformance.
the thing thats makes her stand out is the acts and dances she has during the show like aerial acrobatics were she does various moves holing on to just a long piece of materail and also on the last number she span around in the material and then was lowered in to water and then lifted srpaying water all over the crowd.
i thought this was clearfully worked out and very effective to see. also the stage was dressed like a funhouse (the name of the newest album)with two slids down either end of the stage which were used ofter. and heart shaped sofa and decorations such as clows and blow up jokers which were the hight of the venue.

loved every minute of the act and though it was well presented,oprganised and every song sang beautifully apart from one where she forgot the words 3 times but i liked that as it shows where all human and we all can fuck up at some point.

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