Thursday, 12 November 2009

week 5

i have finished the animation on the old photographs turning the old black and white photos in to neon colourful ones. i have gone to the same spot where the photos where taken and retook the photo as it looks today .. i hope to upload these and include them some how such as makingthe old photos fade in to the new ones and seeing the differece between the photos.

this week i have also taken a file experimenting with lights. i have taken two bikle lights and filmed then in the dark flashing in different ways to make differenmt effects and pattens like the lights down curry mile do .. this film looks a little simmal but added with the rest of the film might look effect and with some editing to it will work with in the film.

tomorrow i plan to take a vioce recorder down curry mile and try to pick up the sounds and atophere of curry mile i will also try and fade the new photos in to the old and i would also like to film up and down curry mile from the top of a bus to get the high and steady view of the street.

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