Sunday, 22 November 2009

this week i have been sloidly been editing my file 'beyond the mile' trying to edit the clips that i have taken and place it all together so it fits and flows nicly i have also added text with the film to explain a little bit of the history

the video is not completly finished but is go enough to put up in the half year exerbition to show what i have been working on up untill now.

i have added sound to the video which consits of recordings from walking down the curry mile. the different music,language, talking and also the nosies from the busy traffic.

the half year exibition is put up in the link gallery and the cavendish mine will be in the cavendish gallery 1st floor and will be showing my film on a tvt set with sound.
today i have been looking at different film makers that work on found footage and editing it to make it's context have a difeferent meaning and outcome..i have also been think of experimenting with found footage and thinging of theme and narritives i could use to produce a video. up to now i have have been looking at different footage from youtube and

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